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About KBT Machineries

Welcome to KBT Machineries, We are Manufacturer of Concrete equipments like Block, Paver, Fly ash Machineries, Batching & Mixing Plants; Automated Material Handling System with extraordinary quality, European Technologies with Economic Cost,Quality for us is a term far exceeding the actual product. All our processes are focused on customer service and product quality. We personally support our customers – no matter where in the world and in which language. Our experts will provide competent support through our free services online 24/7. We use our customers’ feedback to continuously improve the quality of our products; In addition each Machines and Components will be submitted to a final inspection before it leaves our premises. This is a promise we take seriously and so we grant our experience through by providing warranty to all the customers.
  • We promote our ethical company culture and encourage our employees into a responsible and sustainable behavior.
  • So for us, successful cost management and morality do not exclude each other.
  • KBT is always in motion. Constantly, innovations are developed, products optimized and system solutions adapted.
  • Professional perspectives and career opportunities are to set standards and ensure a safe future.
  • Our True Profit will be customer’s satisfaction. We are trying to expedite all our ideas to customers and explain all the technical things, such that all customers will be trained technically, they can able to know the real required machines in the concrete field.
  • We have all experienced professional employees of more than 10 years experience in the concrete field, in order to train and support the customers in all aspects they required worldwide.
  • Right now we had started a facility in Bangalore, very soon we are trying to expand our working place, employees and the organization in order to serve better for the future.

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