KBT – L – FA


KBT - L – FA Pallet Size – 1200X680X45/12mm

The KBT- L is a compact heavy duty 6 Block Machine, it is suitable for Medium range of Production fully automatic and it is consists of advanced electronic, Pneumatic, hydraulic, Mechanical components, Anti Vibration Mounts for Mould Fixing, Mechanical height stop for specific and accurate Height, Tamper head vibration with DC injection Braking control and oil Bath eccentric Vibration system with Easy oil Drain and Filling option. The production height range starts from 25 mm to 300 mm Wide range of Products. It is suitable for Pavers, Slabs, Hollow blocks, Fly ash Brick, Solid blocks and other concrete Products. . Add-on option for Color mix draw Plate for texture paver production, Cross cleaner for Tamper head shoe plates cleaning, Polystyrene device (Thermal/Insulated Blocks can be Manufactured).

Power consumption: 93 kW

KBT - L – FA

Layout content below items

  • 6 Block Machine With Coarse Mix Unit
  • Face Mix Unit
  • V – Belt Conveyor -1
  • V – Belt Conveyor – 2
  • Stone Brush
  • Elevator
  • Transfer & Finger Car – 8 Tonne Capacity
  • Lowerator
  • Latch Conveyor
  • Board Brush
  • Hydraulic Cuber
  • Cross Conveyor With Pallet Turner
  • Board Hopper
  • Board Spraying System
  • Board Conveyor
  • Exit Conveyor
  • Mould Change Cart
  • Moulds
  • Curing Chamber Racks & Air Circulation System
  • Production Pallets
  • Control Room
  • Electrical & control system.
  • Advanced Safety System
KBT - L – FA

Production Details

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